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Colin Mattson
Mike Supina
Ryan Collins
Thomas Tesnow
Nick Herdzik

Website: http://www.alucardrock.com
Listen at: http://www.myspace.com/alucardrock
Contact: alucardbooking@yahoo.com

This is where we tell you about our band, Alucard. We’ve never been very good at writing these stupid things, even after years of playing in bands and having to think of slick, interesting ways to relate mundane information about what we listen to, what other bands we play with, why you should buy our new record, and so on.

Even describing the sound of our music with words like “fast”, “melodic”, “emotional”, and “dark” seems pointless because by the time you read this, you will have no doubt heard at least one or two of the songs we have posted online and you can decide what you think it sounds like yourself.

I suppose we could try to impress you by telling you about the bands we’ve played with, like Chiodos, The Black Dahlia Murder, Finger Eleven, Silverstein, Boys Night Out, Ultimate Fakebook, Misery Signals, No Motiv, etc. etc. But this just seems silly. How many times have you gone and seen a really good band play with a bunch of other bands that suck?

I guess all we can really do is let you know about our new record After Dark. It has ten songs and it comes out on October 10th, 2006. We’re really stoked about it.

Thanks for reading!

Mike, Ryan, Colin, Tommy and Nick