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Chris - Vocals/Bass
Matt - Guitar

Website: http://www.greyfieldrocks.com
Listen at:
Contact: gimmemycd@aol.com

Though Greyfield is just over a year old, they have managed to explode onto the local scene in Jacksonville and use their savvy harmonies and edgy blend of punk, rock, and pop to catapult them to greater heights. The four-piece band has embarked on two tours, opening for the well-known group Goldfinger (Jive Records), sharing bills with Taking Back Sunday, Riddlin' Kids, Atom & His Package, Mustard Plug, and Dyanamite Boy, just to name (drop) a few, and gaining thousands of fans in the process.

Greyfield's first EP, The Party After the Show, included the single, "How Could I?", which could be heard pumping out of stereos all over town after the largest alternative radio station in Jacksonville, Planet Radio 93.3, picked it up and began playing it frequently. This led to interviews and reviews for a variety of websites, magazines, and even school projects.

Their latest release, Soundtrack to the Summer, is exactly what its name implies: the perfect CD for warm summer days that communicates the mostly sugar-high but sometimes bittersweet feeling of being a teenager with solid guitar work, tight drumming, and melodies that you'll find firmly lodged in your cranium. Soundtrack to the Summer was reviewed in Jacksonville's only newspaper, The Florida Times-Union, and has led to more press coverage for Greyfield all over the East coast.

It's not just publications that are paying Greyfield more attention as they gain more momentum towards success. Teenage girls and boys are flocking to the group more than ever before, due to touring and trusty old word-of-mouth. Though some may come for more superficial reasons (the band members are undeniably attractive), most are staying for the cornerstone of Greyfield; the group exudes a powerful, contagious energy, both in their explosive live performances, and on their CDs. This energy, along with musical chops, will be what continues to elevate Greyfield to higher levels of recognition.

-By Whitney Weiss