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Craig Owens - Vocals
Brad Bell - Keyboards & Vocals
Pat McManaman - Guitar
Matt Goddard - Bass

Website: http://www.chiodos.net
Listen at: http://www.purevolume.com/chiodos
Contact: paintoursilence@yahoo.com

In mid December of 2001 a group of six young individuals brought forth an audible experience that only hearts can hear, and expression can describe. Disenchanted with today’s stale melodic media, Pat, Crosby, Chip, Matt, Radley, and Craig set their goals on making heads bob, pulses palpitate, and jaws drop while bringing forth a new form of musical psychiatry.

Destined to avoid the generic formula of stereotypical punk bands worldwide, The Chiodos Bros have fashioned a new kind of sound that combines catchy keyboards with harmonizing vocals and hard hitting rhythm sections to give music fans a reason to smile again. Often referred to as playing "showoff" music they bring an unforgettable live show that leaves you begging for more and constantly wondering, "what will they do next?" With members between the ages of 18-20 years, they not only bring tremendous amounts of youthful energy, but also show an amazing amount of promise for the future.

As a result of their ceaseless hard work, Search and Rescue Records has added them to their roster. With a new EP in the works and a relentless touring scheduled planned for June ’03, the doors have flung wide open for The Chiodos Bros. Together, with Search and Rescue Records, they plan to continue bringing the rock and working hard at doing what they love.