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Mark Anderson - Guitar/Vocals
Jeff Kritzstein - Drums
Brianne Grimmer - Guitar/Vocals
Rob O'Toole - Bass/Vocals
Jason Sukut - Keyboard/Vocals

Website: http://www.fifteenminutesfast.com
Listen at: http://www.purevolume.com/fifteenminutesfast
Contact: fifteenminutesfast@hotmail.com

Hailing from the oppressive heat of Tempe, AZ, Fifteen Minutes Fast have been making a name for themselves in the regional independent music scene with their unique blend of four-part vocal harmonies and overlapping instrumental melodies. With four unique singers and songwriters collaborating in the creative process, the band boasts a dynamic power-pop sound that draws equally from The Cars and Superchunk, accented by aggressive power-chords and strong synthesizer leads.

Having already shared bills with the likes of The Reunion Show, Ultimate Fakebook, The Jealous Sound, The Stereo, Sugarcult, and others, Fifteen Minutes Fast have established a remarkably loyal fan base through their charismatic, caffeine-charged live performance.

Originally formed from the shards of several successful bands in Kansas City, MO, it was not until the end of 2001 that the final lineup found its home in Arizona. The band went into the studio in 2002 to record its self-released debut full-length, Remedial Math Rock with former Pollen drummer Bob Hoag at the helm. In 2003 Fifteen Minutes Fast inked a deal with Search and Rescue Records, which finally provided the band with a national audience, and a re-issue of the highly-praised Remedial Math Rock.

With a string of upcoming dates with friends Ultimate Fakebook, followed by a strenuous touring schedule in early 2004, Fifteen Minutes Fast are preparing to showcase their eclectic power-pop sound to a broader audience.