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Can I get CDs for my website/publication to review?

Of course, email SNRrecords@hotmail.com using "PROMO REQUEST" in the subject line. Please include your link (if applicable) and your shipping address in your email.

I want SNR to check out my band, what should I do?

Send a presskit including your demo to:

Search and Rescue
P.O. Box 8260
Ann Arbor, MI 48107

Due to security concerns, please do not email mp3s to us. However, if you have a hosted music page like Facebook or Myspace that you want us to check out, feel free to send a link.

What kinds of bands are you looking to sign?

We dig indie/punk/hardcore/emo or anything inbetween. Bands that have lots of experiance with DIY touring and have proven themselves independently are held in the highest regard.

But I have MORE questions!

You have MORE questions? Geez! Ok then, email email@snrrecords.com and we'll update this FAQ as necessary.

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