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Alucard - After Dark
Fast, fun and wickedly addictive, ALUCARD’s debut full-length After Dark is a 10 song tour de force of fast, expressive and emotional rock 'n roll. Drawing on influences as diverse as SOILWORK and BRIGHT EYES, ALUCARD has managed to assemble a brand new sound that is surprisingly familiar. With decades of combined experience, and a touring ethic typical of their labelmates before them, ALUCARD is set to bring melodic shredcore to the masses. (Released: Oct 10th, 2006)

Archimedes, Watch Out! - In Context

Bensin - Leave Your Mark
Hailing from Buffalo, NY, Bensin is poised to take pop punk to a new level. Produced by Brad Young and Dow Brain of Underground Productions, this is by far the most sinfully poppy album we've released to date. Keep your sweater, your thick rimmed glasses, and your pretensions locked up at home...It's time to dance! (Released: July 6th, 2004)

Fifteen Minutes Fast - Remedial Math Rock
Math rock and indie pop is back with the debut release from FMF. Originally self-released locally in the oppressive heat of the Tempe, we are re-releasing this diamond in the rough for the rest of the world to appreciate. For fans of The Cars, Ozma, Weezer and good music in general. (Released: Sept 30th, 2003)

Greyfield - Soundtrack to the Summer
This Greyfield's first record with SNR, and hopefully not the last. With it's catchy lyrics and it's hook laden melody lines, this is pop punk at it's finest. (Released: Feb 14th, 2003)

The Swellers - Beginning of the End Again
Young and talented, The Swellers represent a new wave of high energy punk rock bands coming up in the next generation. This EP is no less than a sign of things to come. Get excited! (Released: August 2nd, 2005)

The Swellers - My Everest
Two years after their national debut, The Swellers unveil their first full length effort. As a more diverse and introspective collective of songs, My Everest represents a natural evolution in their own unique sound with influences ranging from A Wilhelm Scream to Weezer. Discovering that there is more to punk rock than high speed tempos, My Everest seeks to explore all musical boundaries. This record is equally hopeful as it is pessimistic. (Released: June 5th, 2007)

Chiodos - The Heartless Control Everything
Seven emotionally charged tracks comprise the debut album from The Chiodos Bros of Flint, MI. Containing an eclectic mix of hardcore and emo while maintaining it's pop sensibilities, this is one album that you can sing along with and still feel tough. (Released: Jan 25th, 2003)

The Sophomore Year - You are Here...She is There
The best thing out of Atlanta since Outkast, The Sophomore Year teams up with Search and Rescue Records to bring their own brand of sincere punk rock to the masses. For the past two years The Sophomore Year has been making noise in the dirty south, and now they are poised to take things to the rest of the country with the release of their debut LP "You Are Here...She Is There". (Released: October 5th, 2004)