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Jono - Drums
Nick - Guitar/Vocals
Lance - Bass
Garret - Guitar

Website: http://www.theswellers.com
Listen at: http://www.purevolume.com/theswellers
Contact: nick@theswellers.com

The Swellers are in the process of bringing high-energy punk rock to all corners of the U.S. Their new breed of melodic and driving punk rock incorporates pop sensibility, making listeners pump their fist, and belt the words to every hook. It is "all-out punk rock with some good old rock riffs and catchy moments, regardless of any trends or fashion scenes" as State of Emergency coins it. It is refreshingly honest and talented music. The craftsmanship in song writing distinguishes The Swellers from the average punk rock crew. Complexly perfect vocal and guitar harmonies polish their collection of songs.

The Swellers have been perfecting their live act for the past two and a half years playing hundreds of shows and sharing the stage with such national acts as The Suicide Machines, Mustard Plug, Bowling For Soup, Much The Same, A Wilhelm Scream; as well as rocking three Warped Tour dates on the Ernie Ball stage. In the process The Swellers realized that they thrive on creating music that induces a high energy and highly interactive experience for themselves and those attending their performances.

Aside from writing killer songs that have helped to create a very solid fan base, The Swellers have also made several accomplishments that have pushed their music beyond the confines of Michigan. New demos helped The Swellers hit the top 10 unsigned punk rock bands on purevolume.com, as well as received airplay on various punk rock radio shows. They have sold over 1000 copies of the independently released retail ready ten songer entitled "End of Discussion" and other demo discs at shows and on the internet. They have sold over 400 t-shirts, and distributed thousands of stickers and buttons to help promote the band and keep gas in the tank. The Swellers have also picked up some sponsors along the journey, including Ernie Ball/Music Man, Pork Pie Drums, Silverfox Sticks, and Urraca Clothing.

The Swellers are building roots that will eventually support and transform them into a full-time nationally touring band. The plan is to finish up school - while touring during every "gap" possible - and then heading out on back-to-back tours across the United States.

Experiencing new places, meeting new people and to continuing to make music for the rest of their lives is the ultimate goal. The Swellers are taking every step possible to solidify the future success of the band. But no need to keep your fingers crossed; The Swellers' extreme hard work, dedication, and songs that rock even the pickiest punk rockers are a killer combo that will launch them. No good luck needed.