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04-27-04 - 12:00pm // No Children CD available online for a limited time!

Long time no speak! But we have many exciting things coming up, and some important news as well.

First off, we are distributing No Children's debut Full Length on our website for a limited time and for limited quantities. These are the Spanish rockers from Mallorca, SPAIN that came over and rocked the country with The Chiodos Bros for over a month this past winter. Their album is amazing, so we are proud to give it a temporary home in the U.S.A. They'll be back...

On a more somber note, Craig from The Chiodos Bros is currently recovering from a bout with mono and pnemonia which left him with a collapsed lung and homebound for the remainder of April and May. The band WILL resume touring in June with an East Coast tour with Anathallo (Selah Records). Please wish him a speedy recovery so the band can get back to doing what they do best and love

Finally, we have multiple (yes, more than one!) new band signings to announce over the next few months. So go ahead and start speculating! None the less, we are very excited to be introducing some new and talented bands to the family and show them off to the rest of the world. Stay tuned for the first of many soon!

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