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06-14-05 - 7:36pm // Sometimes our friends need help!

One of our friends in music, Keith Watton from Halfwayhome recently had a very tragic accident.

On the night of May 26th while trying to hop over a fence. The fence broke beneath him and he landed awkwardly on his neck.

The doctors still don't have much of a prognosis. What they did tell us is that he broke the 4th, 5th, and 6th vertabrae in his neck and did some significant damage to his spinal chord. As of now he is paralyzed from the chest down. On a positive note he has some very basic motor movement in his arms.

The doctors say that only time will tell the full extent of the damage and that it is going to be a very long road...most likely years. Keith is scheduled to have surgery on Tuesday to repair the damage to his vertabrae. He is currently in traction to straighten out his neck and spinal chord and is on steroids to help the swelling.

Luckily for Keith he did have some health insurance but unfortunately it will not cover all of what will likely be years of treatment, hospitalization and therapy.

We are now seeking help from the music community to help Keith on what is sure to be a very long road to recovery. Angel from the band's label, The Death Scene, has informed me that we can make direct PAYPAL donations to this cause at keith@thedeathscene.com or click the donation button below to donate:

We will be making our own contribution and we encourage you to open up your hearts to help Keith in his time of incredible need. Please pass this message along to everyone you know.

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